The Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison

The Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison is part of the University of Utah Prison Education Project, a multi pronged approach to expand the field of quality higher education in prison. We work in collaboration with programs across the country to transform the landscape of higher education in prison through empirical research and collaboration toward more equitable and quality experiences for incarcerated students. For more information on this work, please see our recent article and the June 2018 Research Brief.

Check out the new publication from the ASHE-NITE paper series and sponsored by the Lumina Foundation titled, Expanding Quality Higher Education for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated People: Committing to Equity and Protecting Against Exploitation authored by Dr. Erin L. Castro and Dr. Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher.

Research Collaborative Members:

Erin L. Castro, PhD
Director & Co-Founder, UPEP
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy

Caisa Royer, JD, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UPEP


Have questions about our work or want to connect with the team? Read more about our current project, Researching Postsecondary Educational Opportunities in U.S. Prisons, here.