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Justice Fellows Summer Program 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the Justice Fellows summer program for undergraduate students at the University of Utah. This is a new initiative created in partnership between the Utah Prison Education Project and the Pro Bono Initiative made possible by generous support from the Transformative Intersectional Collective (TRIC), housed in the School for Cultural & Social Transformation.

Justice Fellows are expected to have a keen interest in the criminal justice system, issues related to incarceration and policing, as well as a demonstrated commitment to being active agents of change in their communities. The program provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience working on social justice issues, such as access to education, legal representation, and community empowerment.

Justice Fellows will have the opportunity to select a community organization to work with, including the Utah Prison Education Project, Pro Bono Initiative, or other community advocacy groups such as the Salt Lake Community Bail Fund. Justice Fellows will receive ongoing mentorship and guidance throughout the summer program. At the end of the program, fellows will present about their experiences and what they learned in a public forum in fall 2023. This is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and insights with your peers, faculty members, and members of the community.

To apply, applicants are required to submit a letter of interest and a current CV or resume that showcases their relevant qualifications and experiences. The letter of interest should be 1-2 pages in length and should highlight the applicant's interest in the program and their goals for participating. In addition, applicants should articulate their previous experience in areas such as community service, leadership, or advocacy work that demonstrate their potential as a Justice Fellow.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Letter of Interest: Applicants will be required to submit a 1-2 page letter of interest that outlines their interest in the Justice Fellows Program. The letter should describe their personal and professional goals, and how the program can help them achieve those goals. Applicants should also explain how they plan to use the knowledge and skills gained through the program to promote justice and equity in their community.
  2. Resume or CV: Applicants will need to submit a current resume or curriculum vitae that highlights their academic achievements, work experience, and any relevant skills or accomplishments. The resume should showcase their leadership potential, their involvement in community service or advocacy activities, and any other experiences that demonstrate their commitment to the program's goals.
  3. Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2023. Completed applications should be sent to Dr. Caisa Royer (, Director of the Pro Bono Initiative and Dr. Andy Eisen (, Director of the Utah Prison Education Project.

May 15th - August 4th
$20/hour, 10 hours per week

Questions about the Justice Fellows program may be sent to Dr. Caisa Royer ( or Dr. Andy Eisen (

Last Updated: 4/10/23